Posted by: sdpianoteacher | May 1, 2011

Study Piano/Keyboard With A Seasoned Young Pro in Southern California

I am a teacher and performer of piano and all things keyboard. I have very real and very useful real world experience in all genres of music, and have a passion for teaching students of all levels and interests. Be sure to check out the ‘teaching methods‘ and ‘what I teach‘ pages to see if I describe your situation and you dig my teaching methods, and check out the ‘about‘ and ‘audio video‘ pages to learn more about me and my extensive background in performance and teaching.

I TEACH (and have taught):

  • children, teenagers, adults and seniors
  • beginning, intermediate, and advanced players
  • songwriters, classical pianists, jazz pianists, blues players, multi instrumentalists, rock players, reggae players, arrangers, theory buffs, church cats, and everyone else!
  • Those who can and can’t read music
  • as freqently or infrequently as you like (weekly, every other week, monthly, or one offs)
You won’t find anyone in San Diego with this level of varied experience or professionalism. You also won’t find a more upbeat and positive teacher. Please take a look around the different pages of the site and decide whether you are ready to learn what you’ve always wanted to at the piano.
Thanks for stopping by, I hope to hear from you soon.

-Bobby Cressey