Nothing is worse than paying for a lesson and then forgetting everything you talked about the second you walk out the door. At the end of every lesson I teach, I e-mail out a detailed summary and PDF of the notes from each lesson. That way, I don’t waste your time during the lessons writing tons of things out, and you don’t forget what we worked on.

I have ten years of experience teaching piano, and five years of experience running the print music department at a large music store in L.A.. I am very familiar with all the pedagogical literature available, both new and old, from Teaching Little Fingers to Play to Alfred’s Premier Piano course. I also know all the best resources for jazz education, as I own most of them myself.

I also utilize technology in other ways, including:

-The ability to record lessons or record you at the piano, at professional quality.

-Utilizing play-a-longs / iPod audio playback during lessons for purposes of  study or transcription. We might listen to a solo or a style of music and then try and transcribe it or analyze it.

-Recorded audio of the PDF examples I send out, or customized play-a-longs produced by me for practice purposes

-Setting up a second keyboard for purposes of trading solos, or studying rhodes/organ/synths. It’s not just about piano!

I don’t charge additionally for any of this. It’s all part of the learning process, and in my opinion what every modern studio should be equipped with.

Here are some example PDFs from real lessons. You’ll see a wide variety of subjects and skills covered, from beginning to advanced:



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