Here are all REAL bits of feedback my students have given me in person or in E-mails. Nothing is edited, nothing made up:

“This is probably the thing I look forward to the most in every week” – BILL

“Cory thinks you’re chill – He likes it!” – TARA, mother of student

“This is exactly what my son and I want” – GREG, member of San Diego Symphony and father of student

“Tai absolutely loves working with you, you are really inspiring and motivating.” – BOB, parent of student

“Gabriella and Mark both enjoyed you and your enthusiasm; not to mention your incredible ability.” – ANGELA, mother of students

“I already study with somebody else, and what’s great about lessons with you is that I can learn all the other stuff. I can’t find any other teachers who teach this stuff.” – SUSAN

“The PDFs are extremely helpful” – PHIL, PRO SINGER AND BAND LEADER

“I think I can learn a lot from you!” – DAN, BLUES PLAYER

“I’m having so much fun; I’m really enjoying the lessons” – AYANNA, RnB SINGER

“You are a great teacher” – HARLAN, College Student

“I think Brandon learns something every lesson” – EMILE, mother of student

“She’s really enjoying the lessons – a mother knows! 🙂 “ – OLETHA, mother of student

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